What is company target?
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What are the company products?

What are the company products?

MIYAWO company has produced and sold western tableware for a long time since 1931. To maximize the skill, we have started a new category, "technical ceramic" which acquired constant reputation.
From the daily items which is closely connected with daily life and is touched by hands to parts materials which support electronics appliances playing a background role・・・
We produce various kinds of products maximizing tradition×new technology.

(western tableware)

We have exported tableware to western countries for a long time. The history that our tableware was recognized in the real western countries proves high quality and good design.
We are providing reliable and safe products which have passed strict safety standard of European and American countries to the dining table all over the world.

Technical ceramic products

We search and propose the material which cope with the high request like safety, accuracy of dimension, impact strength etc. by maximizing the merit of ceramic and controlling the characteristics.
We continue our various challenges like parts of electrical appliances, super heat-resistant material and application of environmentally friendly products.

Heat resistant product

Since we have experiences as a tableware manufacturer and skill acquired through research and development of technical ceramic, we have provided many heat resistant products.
Various products, especially new-sense earthen pot with good design and convenience decorate dining tables.

Head Plant
Malaysia plant
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